Kevin Metz — Chicago, Illinois

Uncooperative with Screening. Refuses to screen, and asks prices for specific services via text – very manipulative via text. He is beyond inconsiderate of SWs. He doesn’t value us or our time. Complaints that he can’t find any good providers. There are plenty out there. HE JUST ISN’T A GOOD GUY ladies! Don’t give him … Read more

Andrew Friedlander — Chicago, Illinois

Andrew Friedlander is a clown! He’s all drama. Extremely needy and overall bad news. He gossips about other providers and causes all sorts of trouble. He’s not worth the headache of drama. He is incredibly unstable, he harasses providers, and threatens and makes serious attempts to doxx them.

Nelson Louriro — Raleigh, North Carolina

Nelson Louriro came to see me for a session. He totally ignored the boundaries I had set when we texted. Spanked me, choked me, pulled my hair, et cetera. I felt really violated by the time we were done. I’d never see him again, and neither should you Nelson Louriro Raleigh, North Carolina