Johnathan Kantona — Tampa Florida

He tries to rush his way in, almost feels like he’s doing it on purpose to avoid having to pay first. I’ve learned that lesson before tho and insisted on payment up front. He payed via Venmo. 5 days later he does a charge back and tells the credit card company he never met me. … Read more

Zachary Westphal — Austin, Texas

Zak Westphal is an annoying boundary breaker. Scheduled a session with me, arrived late, was overly chatty, was too rough with me and kept acting like he didn’t hear me protesting. I would never accept this guy as a client again, and i think you should steer clear.

Nathan Young

This guy already has a couple blacklist reports on other sites. Due to those blacklist reports I chose not to meet him. He changed his email address after not receiving a response from me. He has sent me harassing email after email over the last two months trying to get me to meet him. I … Read more