310-749-5562 — Time waster

This man is a PREDATOR and preys on nice girls/women in their 30′s and 40′s and asks for an off the clock dinner date before the REAL appointment. He says it’s “just dinner” then pours on his charm and gets girls to go back to the car or hotel so he can strip down and … Read more

720-394-2196 — No Show

After booking an appointment and then not showing, I get this strange email “hi this is a friend of Bob’s. He is in hospital with kidney stones. can’t make his appt”… Do hobbyists really think we’re that stupid? Or are they that stupid for thinking something so stupid would actually fool anybody. Even if it … Read more

312-834-3576 — Chicago, IL

Ash He was Indian and had a slight accent. I agreed to meet him during my trip to Chicago, once I got there he never answered the phone. He texted ma that he suddenly had a business dinner (at 11pm ???). After repeated attempts at setting up a meeting time, he started saying that he … Read more