Justin Nation — Houston, Texas

Justin Nation had an active herpes breakout and when I pointed it out to him, he started throwing around the room. He also threatened to kill me unless I did what he wanted. I was so scared my driver had to come and break the door down. Complete psycho.

720-273-8279 — Denver, Colorado

Tim scheduled a session with me confirmed and everything was all good. So i thought… I started to wonder when it started getting to be 10 min past the time. So, i called him and no anwser. He finally call back and begins cussing me out and threatening to hurt me when and if he … Read more

917-251-7430 — Howard

Came to his appt. Started demanding that I do as he said. i refused and he got up to leave, but started throwing things around in my room. Im pretty confrontational, even in NY, and I told him if he continued to do so we would be fighting. I was happy to take a misd … Read more