David Ziegler

Holy ****, this dude JUST got married and he’s been hitting up escorts the entire month of his wedding! Lol. Men are truly scum. Saw David Ziegler for a full service session. We ****** and I’m pretty sure he took his condom off without my consent. I have an infection and he’s the only person … Read more

Roger Chookazian — *******, Florida

Roger Chookazian likes to play games and will shortchange your donation for full service. He likes to pay in small bills so that you don’t count it and then leaves before you realize he’s shortchanged you by almost $100. *******. https://www.facebook.com/roger.chookazian https://www.linkedin.com/in/roger-chookazian-24b1a116a/

Shawn Russ — Afton, Tennessee

Client was pushy and reading content from my website incorrectly. No matter how many times I repeated myself through text he still wasn’t listening. When I called to explain he used foul language and cussed me out.Tragedy is this man is part of the maintenance technician and still conducts himself like an immature boy with … Read more