Robert Wayne Campbell

Robert Wayne Campbell raped me during a session. Don’t want to get into too much detail because it traumatized me, but he’s absolutely note safe to see. Old truck driver who’s violent and misogynistic.

Tyler Lucas

Tyler Lucas is a vile rapist. He raped me in my hotel room after scheduling me for an escorting session. He came in, said he would pay me after the session, and then got angry when I told him that I wouldn’t accept that. He grabbed me and threw me on the bed and told … Read more

Samir Waliany — Dallas, Texas

Samir Waliany is a RAPIST. He tried to pay me in fake money and to try to force bareback full service! Do not see see. He is VERY dangerous! PM Area Engineer at Tetra Pak Mackenzie McCollum

Ryan Gray — Jackson, Wyoming

Ryan Gray called me about 5 times today when he saw my ad on Wyoming FaceBook because he anxiously wanted me to come to his place so I did. When I get there he immediately started to feel me up with lies and I demanded the cash upfront. This idiot had the nerve to say … Read more

Lucas Leone — Ontario, Canada

Lucas Leone raped a family member of mine. I’ve been ordered to be quiet, but I won’t be. He is also a financial fraudster.

Matthew Brotton — Orlando, Florida

Matt Brotton, or Matthew Brotton, raped me and several other girls that I know when we all lived in Gainesville, FL. His MO was to get girls completely wasted and then rape them when they were too incapacitated to say no, or even understand what was happening. He was finally called out on Facebook a … Read more

Brandon May — Sarasota, Florida

Brandon May has raped me and other girls. He got away with it because he was part of the punk scene and used his social capital to silence his victims. He’s never even been shamed on social media, but that ends today. I encourage his other victims to post and tell their stories.

Ken Dowell — Excelsior, Minnesota

Ken Dowell is very aggressive and abusive. He takes the condom off during ***, which is called “stealthing” and attempts to do bareback without consent. He comes across as charming and thoughtful, but is extremely rough and dangerous during ***, he’s even attempted to rape. DO NOT SEE. Partner EVP at Excelsior Solutions Ken … Read more